Things I said on the night of the New Hampshire primary

* If you asked me who the Dem nominee would be, I'd say it's still a push between Obama and Hillary. Is it surprising that I said the same thing pre-NH and that even though Hillary exceeded expectations, my opinion didn't change much? Schmeh.

* When I said I still that it was a push, a friend asked me to pick. So I went back to my general rule of presidential primaries: go with the establishment. So I'd have to pick Hillary, I guess.

* McCain looks to be the most likely to win the GOP nomination now.

* How has Giuliani managed to get off the hook for Iowa and NH in the media? It's not like he didn't compete in NH; he did. He just didn't late in the game, but he did run $3M worth of ads there. And it's not like he completely skipped Iowa either.

* I always assumed Giuliani was going to try to do respectably in either NH or Iowa. He was polling well in both at one point. Just by showing up, he grabs the social liberals in the party and some hawks. If Giuliani ends up making a serious run at the nomination, his success will certainly devalue Iowa and NH.

* How much does Mitt Romney want to spend on a quixotic quest to be president? Maybe it's sorta possible that he can win, if he injects a ton of personal money into his campaign. Then he has to hope that Giuliani and he are the last men standing, and he picks up enough delegates from defeated candidates...although McCain strongly dislikes Romney, so he'll get few McCain delegates.

* Remember when Hugh Hewitt was a serious pundit?

* How do you think Rick Perry feels about that Rudy endorsement? Iowa didn't seem to warm to Rudy via the Guv.

Posted by Evan @ 01/11/08 06:20 AM


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