On Hillary's strategic calculations

Professors Taylor and Carnahan write:

Troy McCullough in today’s Wall Street Journal notes that many conservatives have pinned their hopes on Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic nomination, expecting it to reunite their political ranks and motivate enough disillusioned Republican voters to head to the polls next November to secure victory.

But according to David Weigel in the American Conservative, this is a profound miscalculation. We wholeheartedly agree.

The Professors are obviously right.

One thing people don't understand about the Clintons is that they think in terms of grand strategy. People talk about Bill Clinton's tactical brilliance, but it was his foresight in grand strategy that allowed him to overcome his personal foibles and become president. Hillary is the same way -- the Clintons have had success because they are willing to compromise in order to be elected.

Republicans -- such as Bush adviser Dan Bartlett, who's back in Austin telling people that the GOP has a chance if Hillary is nominated -- don't seem to understand this. Hillary has softened and is continuing to soften her edges. Even though many in the media have mocked Hillary and Bill playing the gender card, the fact is that Hillary can afford to play it because one of her edges is that she is...not feminine. Going feminine humanizes her in a way that she's not comfortable doing herself.

If Republicans expect Hillary to motivate a depressed base, they are likely to find themselves disappointed.

Posted by Evan @ 11/14/07 05:42 PM


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