Conventional wisdom on the 22nd

On the Republican side, there's a few serious contenders right now: Pete Olson, Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, John Manlove, Robert Talton, Dean Hrbacek.

Right now, I'd say most people think it's going to end up in a runoff between Pete Olson and Shelley. Olson will probably raise the most money, and find the most endorsements, while Shelley has some residual support from running in 2006 for 2008 [no one is going to find that joke funny. -- ed.]. Manlove and Talton will split the Pasadena vote enough that neither make the runoff, and Hrbacek probably won't raise enough money. Most assume that Olson will take Shelley in the runoff, if he's a competent enough candidate to make the runoff.

Barring a landslide Democratic year in 08, it's tough to see Nick Lampson surviving. Back to Beaumont, Nick.

Posted by Evan @ 11/14/07 05:20 PM


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I dunno--olson might have grown up in clear lake, but he hasn't been back to CD22 since he graduated school.Heck, Nancy Pelosi's daughter, who lives in Houston, has more connections to the district.

Pete Olson is a freakin' carpetbagger. At least Lampson lived within 1000 miles of the district within the last several years.

Tell me, what downballot Republicans, precinct chairs, or activists ever knew this guy to have any sincere interest in CD22 before 3-4 months ago? What local candidates ever received a dime or volunteer support from him? No one.

Posted by Jack @ 11/14/07 07:10 PM

Olson will win the award for racking up the most endorsements... out of the district

Posted by J000000 @ 11/14/07 07:44 PM

thew last thing we need is another carpetbagger representing us. pete olson is no better than hillary or lampson

Posted by geoff @ 11/14/07 11:36 PM

I love you people who are so quick to judge and stereotype somebody. Go listen to the guy speak and ask him the tough questions and then make and educated decision.

This carpetbagger talk is so juvenile.

Grow up....

Posted by MO @ 11/15/07 11:25 AM

There are a handful of others in the race that could really effect the dynamic. You should be mindful of those as well.

While I am not going to sink in hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy the election, I would not count me out of the race.

Posted by Alan Steinberg @ 11/15/07 06:27 PM

i might not worry about Alan Steinberg, but Jim Squier might surprise a few folks...yes - he is still running.

Posted by transparencywatchdog @ 11/16/07 04:49 PM

I am going to vote for Pedro!!!

Posted by MO @ 11/17/07 07:22 AM

I ddnt realize it was junvenile to challenge someones credentials when they just moved into the district.i lookf roward to hearing him speak, but the fact remains that pete olson just moved into this district with the sole purpose of running for this seat. if that is not a carpetbagger, i dont know what is. to me, he is no worse then hillary clinton.

Posted by steven @ 11/18/07 11:49 AM

It's not over till it's over!

Posted by Ryan Rowley @ 11/27/07 02:58 PM

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