Wait, I thought some other trial lawer bloke was going to be the sacrificial lamb senatorial candidate.

Nick Lampson has a difficult decision to make: quixotic bid for re-election or quixotic bid to unseat Cornyn?

Lampson's camp is being somewhat coy about the Senate race, as might be expected at this point.

"He has been getting a lot of calls from lots of friends and supporters around the state asking him to look into it," said Mike Lykes, who just traded in his job as Lampson's chief of staff to become his campaign finance director. "He is just trying to concentrate right now on getting better and getting back up to D.C."

The calculus is fairly simple, several Democratic strategists say: Lampson faces a battle to hold on to his House seat, and, since he'll have to raise millions of dollars anyway, he might as well go for the brass ring.

Well, he's got a huge fundraising list from last cycle. And, if I recall correctly, he banked a good deal of money since he didn't have to face a real candidate in '06...although if memory serves, he didn't bank as much as he should have.

Wow, I just checked. Scratch that last sentence. Lampson only has $260k in the bank, as of 3/31/07. He spent $3.5 million in '06 in a race he couldn't have possibly lost. That's...amazing. Truly remarkable. Will Democratic donors donate again to such a spendthrift?

Sounds like the consultants will want him to run. Unless, that is, the trial lawyer is willing to blow through some cash.

Posted by Evan @ 04/29/07 04:24 PM


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