Uh, who?

SAEN, Scott Stroud:

Mikal Watts, a trial lawyer who moved to San Antonio from Corpus Christi in August so his daughter could attend TMI the Episcopal School of Texas held a fundraiser at his Dominion home a week ago for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Informally, the event was viewed as a test of Watts' ability to raise money for the party and, perhaps, carry its banner as a candidate next year. Given a goal of $150,000, Watts hauled in $1,077,000 so we're pretty sure he passed the fundraising test.

If you expect 150 people, book a room that has 100 people.

Watts hasn't declared as a candidate and won't for a while. He said he was asked to run by several people in Washington, including Schumer, who has stayed on at the helm of the DSCC to try to build on its 2006 successes.

Schumer is trying to make sure the GOP doesn't get any free passes, so he can suck up some GOP money in Texas. Schumer is smart, but he must be disappointed he can't do any better in Texas.

Please, oh please don't run a trial lawyer! Or throw me into the briar patch.

Posted by Evan @ 04/29/07 01:40 AM


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