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Defeated candidate Pitts:

In spite of his repeated assurances to members of the House and the public that there would be no retribution, it appears that the Speaker has chosen retaliation over reconciliation. Like many other members of the House, I am very disappointed in his choice.

The Speaker should consider every members skills and experience in making committee assignments. This Session, there will be a pressing need for members with experience on the budget and taxes. To that end, on my preference card I offered to serve Appropriations as Chair, as a Subcommittee Chair, or as a member of the committee. The Speaker and his staff flatly rejected each of these offers.

Craddick spokesman Alexis DeLee:
Rep. Pitts met and talked with Speaker Craddick several times about his committee appointments. Speaker Craddick offered Rep. Pitts a seat on the Appropriations Committee. Rep. Pitts declined that offer. His statements to the contrary are not an accurate reflection of the exchanges between the two of them.

Meanwhile, Talton used to be chairman of Urban Affairs. The speaker put him on Criminal Jurisprudence this session. Talton's response, via Janet Elliott:

"I never asked for Criminal Jurisprudence. I don't want to be on it. I'm not going to go to a committee I don't want to be on," said Talton, who added that he will read a statement from the back microphone next week.
Statesmen-like, really, isn't it? Jokes aside, is this the beginning of the Talton for Congress campaign? I heard rumors that Talton was aiming towards beating Shelley in 2008 in CD22, and perhaps this will seal the deal. It will be interesting to see how the CD22 field shakes out. Dr. Shelley might not even finish in second.

Posted by Evan @ 01/27/07 01:43 AM


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Paul Bettencourt is everything but already the US Congressman for CD22, however I agree that if the process from last year had prevailed Talton would be in Congress now and I can see him still wanting to do it now.

I've been told if Bettencourt runs Lampson will not run esp since the two more years he has now will secure him his pension. I've also been told Lampson wants to run for US Senate if Bettencourt runs for Congress.

Bettencourt ought to be worried about his own seat as one of the reasons for him wanting to run for Congress because Harris County is trending Democrat.

Posted by Burt Levine @ 01/27/07 04:15 PM

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