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It pays to be with the Speaker. Given the Speaker's perilous position, he had to reward the Democrats who voted for him, and he largely did so.

As to the Republicans, you can check the list for yourself. You'll see quite a few Vice Chairs, which is pretty much the best that Craddick could offer his adversaries. It seems highly unlikely to me that Craddick can spare any extra slots on Appropriations or Calendars, and chairmanships were completely out of the question. [Note: there were a few. Elkins stayed on Calendars. Hopson stayed on Approps.]

If Craddick had chosen to reward those who fought against him by giving them chairmanships, would he have been able to make it through the session? That seems like an excellent way to encourage someone to foment rebellion. Craddick only won by a few votes, and with rumors that there was a group of folks who almost jumped to Pitts at the last second, pretty much Craddick voter feels like they were the margin of victory for the Speaker.

We'll see how the media frames it. It's a much easier to write the "Craddick retaliates" lede, but it seems to me that Craddick was an unretaliatory as he could have possibly been.

So, if you click the jump, you'll see a list of assignments for the reps who voted for the speaker, the reps who voted against the speaker, and others who seemed especially noteworthy.

Craddick D's (voted against Geren amendment):

Kevin Bailey
Chair, Urban Affairs
Business and Industry

Norma Chavez
Vice Chair, Calendars
Financial & Investments, budget and oversight

Joe Deshotel
Chair, Economic Development

Dawnna Dukes
Culture, Rec, and Tourism, budget and oversight

Hal Dutton
Chair, Juvenile Justice and Family Issues
Public Education

Kino Flores
Chair, Licensing and Administration
Ways and Means

Helen Giddings
Business and Industry, Chair
House Administraton, Vice Chair
Higher Education

Ryan Guillen
Appropriation, Vice Chair
Natural Resources

Tracy King
Border and International Affairs, Chair
Environmental Regulation

Eddie Lucio, III
Environmental Regulations, budget and oversight
Local Consent and Calendars

Ruth Jones McClendon
Rules and Resolutions, Chair
Pensions and Investments, budget and oversight

Aaron Pena
Criminal Jurisprudence, Chair
Ways and Means

Robert Puente
Natural Resources, Chair
Local govt ways and means

Patrick Rose
Higher Education
Human Services, Chair

Sylvester Turner
Regulated Industries, budget and oversight
Speaker Pro Tem

Anti-Craddick Rs (voted for Geren amendment)

Gary Elkins
Local govts ways and means
Business and Indutry, vice chair

Charlie Geren
Land and Resource Management
Licensing and Admin Procedures, vice chair

Pat Haggerty

Bryan Hughes
Human Services

Delwin Jones
Licensing and Admin Procedures

Ed Kuempel
Environmental Regulation
Culture, Rec, and Tourism, Vice Chair

Thomas Latham
Law Enforcement, Vice Chair
Urban Affairs

Brian McCall
Higher Education
Financial Institutions, Vice Chair

Tommy Merritt
Border and Int'l Affairs
Defense Affairs & State-Fed Relations

Jim Pitts
Govt Reform, Vice Chair
Ways and Means

Todd Smith
Insurance, Vice Chair
County Affairs

Joe Straus
Local and Consent Calendars
Regulated Industries
Econ Development, Vice Chair

Robert Talton
Civil Practices
Criminal Jurisprudence

Buddy WestEnvironmental Regulation
Law Enforcement

Meanwhile, others of interest, based on Burka's post:

Patricia Harless
County Affairs
Rules and Resolutions

Jodie Laubenberg
Vice Chair, Public Health
Natural Resources
Local & Consent Calendars

Ken Paxton
Ways and Means
State Affairs, Vice Chair

Craig Eiland
Juvenile Justice and Family Issues, Vice Chair

Mike Villareal
Local govts ways and means
Vice chair, Pensions and Investments

Debbie Riddle
Criminal Jurisprudence, budget and oversight
House Administration

Chuck Hopson
Judiciary, budget and oversight

Armando Martinez
Business and Industry

Richard Raymond
Civil Practices
Defense Affairs and State-Fed Relations

Mike O'Day -- newest member. Appears to get leftovers not related to his Pearland district?
Natural Resources
Culture, Recreation and Tourism

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