Hutchison for #4?

Samantha Levine in the Chron reports that KBH will be running for #4 in the Senate. Right now she is #5.

As of yet, she is unopposed.

She and Jon Kyl of Arizona worked out a deal where she would become #4 and he would be #3. He was #4 (to use standard Senate parlance).

It would be tough for Hutchison to defeat Kyl, as Kyl has the sterling credentials with the conservative members of the Senate that Hutchison has reportedly never been able to obtain.

Of course, if Rick Santorum is defeated, then it would appear likely that Kyl would be #2 and Hutchison would be #3.

Kay Bailey Hutchison is technically up for re-election. But can anyone imagine a scenario where she loses? It's tough.

Posted by Evan @ 06/22/05 03:54 AM


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