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I'm not a fan of Zogby Interactive polls (do a search, you'll find I've written about this for at least a year and a half).

Here's the general speech: we have no real track record of their accuracy, and their methodology raises questions. It's not that I'm against technology in polling. After all, automated polls are reliable. I just don't trust Zogby online polls.

Anyway, despite misgivings, here's the latest online poll numbers:

Perry 34.8
Bell 23.1
Friedman 22.7
Strayhorn 9.6

This is actually pretty similar to the last Zogby online poll, which had Perry 38, Bell 21, Friedman 21, Strayhorn 11.

So Zogby's sample hasn't changed too terribly much.

Posted by Evan @ 08/28/06 08:28 PM


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