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Three polls came out last week. I'd been holding off posting until I could find internals on all of them.

Ha! Internals! The joke is on me.

Numbers in the link.

I couldn't find them. Not only does Zogby release his online polls as if they were real polls, he declines to provide information. I think I've written more than a few times on how unreliable I think Zogby's online polls are. Heck, I'm not a big fan of his real polls either.


Perry 38%
Bell 21%
Friedman 21%
Strayhorn 11%


500 likely voter respondents, 7/13/2006, not released until 7/24.
+/- 4.5% Margin of Error
Perry 40%
Strayhorn 20%
Friedman 19%
Bell 13%

Job approval:
Perry 56% (76% among only Republicans)
Bush 53% (80% among only Republicans)

Favorable opinion among Democrats (Rasmussen reported this)
Strayhorn 57%
Bell 50%

That last stat indicates why Bell has been attacking Strayhorn.

Meanwhile, SurveyUSA has a poll of 576 likely voters (culled from 1200 adults, but they don't tell us their screen). It's old, but it's not that far off from the others.

6/23-6/25, 576 Likely Voters.
Bell 20%
Friedman 21%
Perry 35%
Strayhorn 19%

The geographic breakdown is pretty wack. Without explaining what is what, North is 30%, West is 8%, Houston is 16%, and East is 46%. Yup, that's wack

So, let's see here: we've got an online poll (Zogby), a month-old SUSA poll where "East" is half the sample (but at least they release some tabs so that we can find this out!), and an over two-week old Rasmussen. Both SUSA and Rasmussen are robo-polls.

None of these polls are really that reliable. And they don't release too much extra information to help anyone figure out what that poll means. Taken together, let's say they give you a flavor of what the race might look like.

This race is crying out for some decent polling to be done.

Posted by Evan @ 07/31/06 08:54 PM


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