SciGuy interview John Culberson on nanotech research

Chronicle SciGuy Eric Berger has a podcast interview of Congressman John Culberson about nanotechnology. Here is the direct link. I recommend it, especially because it's only about twenty minutes. Culberson clearly knows what he's talking about.

Houston -- led by Rice -- is the number one hotspot for nano right now, and Culberson has been using his position on the House Appropriations Committee to funnel research dollars into Houston. Due in part to Culberson's efforts, Houston has the potential to be the next Silicon Valley. Seriously.

If you're interested in how research done on a nano-scale is going to revolutionize energy, healthcare, composites, computers, etc, then I'd recommend Richard Booker's Nanotech for Dummies. It's probably the most comprehensive look at nanotech today.

Culberson also points out something that has actually been known in the medical field: that ultimately adult stem cells will probably be able to do everything that embryonic stem cells can do. A couple smart folks told me about this a year and a half ago, and they regarded it as pretty likely at the time.

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