USA Today does CD17

I've been surprised by how little media attention the CD17 race has gotten. USAToday had a lengthy piece this weekend, reporting that the messages were Taylor's military service versus Edwards' track record.

CD17, of course, is President Bush's home district. He won 69% of the vote there in 2004, while the statewide composite was 66%. In two downballot judicial races (good tests of a district's overall partisanship) the GOP candidates won 65% and 66.5%, although Victor Carrillo only won 63.3%. [All numbers from here.]

So while Edwars is probably a slight favorite, this is always a district that could switch. Edwards hung on in 2004 by effectively portraying Wohlgemuth as too extreme, based on her voting record as a state representative. He's also a former Aggie, which helps neutralize the GOP advantage down in College Station/Bryan.

Posted by Evan @ 08/21/06 04:12 PM


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