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It's trendy among my demographic slice to bemoan the two party system.

Certainly there are drawbacks to our current two party system, but it means that we get relatively centrist governments in America. Why? With the base tied up, political candidates have to appeal to the political center to win election and have power.

The more candidates, generally the less the center gets appealed too. I think you're already seeing some of that in this election, and you're likely to see more.

UPDATE: On the other hand, the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise doesn't agree.

Posted by Evan @ 06/28/06 12:30 AM


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From the mighty Seguin editorialists:

Between the witty Friedman wise-cracking at every opportunity and the obvious mutual distaste that Strayhorn and Perry have for one another, Texans may get a political season worth paying attention to for a change.

So, the reason to celebrate the independents this time is not that we'll have a more robust policy debate, but that Friedman will make jokes and Perry/Strayhorn may have catfights.

Boy, those Seguin folks really know how to make the case against the two-party system! :)

Posted by kevin @ 06/28/06 08:29 AM

It used to mean we got relatively centrist governments. The current Republican party has abandoned the moderate republicans and has made a power grab through redistricting and appealing to the religious part of the party to solidify there power and run rough shod over any hope of compromise or good policy in order to hold on to that base.

Posted by Lefty @ 06/28/06 01:53 PM

Lefty --

Actually, I believe that what you are seeing is a reflection that the political center has moved to the right a great deal in the past 20 years.

Posted by evan @ 06/29/06 02:44 AM

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