"Senior Bush aides"

Bob Campell of the Midland Reporter Telegram has some reactions to the USNews report that White House aides think KBH is unlikely to run.

Hutchison campaign manager Terry Sullivan of Austin said the senator won't announce her decision until sometime this summer -- after the state legislative session ends. "She will make her decision based on what's best for Texas," said Sullivan.

Attributing the report's circulation to the Perry campaign, Sullivan said, "Sen. Hutchison has been a party activist for decades, pre-Ronald Reagan back in the 1970s. She feels very dedicated to Texas and the Republican Party.

"She's focused on doing her job, serving Texas in the U.S. Senate. He (Perry) really needs to be focused on doing his. There are a lot of critical issues before them this session."

Campbell also quotes Midland locals Clayton Williams and former RNC Committeeman Ernie Angelo. Both are pleased that Kay might not run.

My question: is this really the opinion of White House aides? Or, rather, is it a hint from Rove & Co. that they don't want Kay to run?

For years Rove has helped clear the fields of what might have otherwise been contested primaries. Rove may be busy now, but I somehow doubt that he's completely lost interest in Texas, given that he spearheaded the GOP takeover of Texas.

I tend to think that Hutchison is more likely to run than not, which leads me to wonder.

Posted by Evan @ 05/19/05 07:25 AM


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More likely to run than not, indeed. People don't hire campaign staffers when they aren't running. If she were to run for Senate again, she'd win in a landslide. The only reason for her to hire DeMint's guy (can't remember his name) and David Beckwith is because she is running for something that's going to take a fight. Rove and Co. will try their damndest to avoid a primary fight, but Texas is due for a Republican primary battle. Now that they have all the power, did they really think they could keep everyone in line?

Posted by Andrew Dobbs @ 05/19/05 01:19 PM

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