The Perry campaign likes multimedia

Remember how the Perry campaign taped Hillary Clinton and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison looking chummy in DC and then sent it around to Republican activists around the state?

Now they're sending out a video link from 60 Minutes (the Rathergate episode, if I recall correctly) that starts with Dan Rather asking Barnes what happened.

I'm procrastinating on studying for finals, so I'll describe the fifty second spot:

The screen freezes after the camera switches to Barnes from Rather, then fades to black and white, and ticks out like on a typewriter "In 2004, Liberal Democrat Ben Barnes appeared on 60 Minutes with Dan Rather with the intent to destroy President George W. Bush and help his fellow Liberal John Kerry win the Presidency." Then it shows side by side black and white spots of Rather and Barnes and types "Even his own daughter said he was lying. and Dan Rather's report was later discredited."

Then it switches to black and white side-by-side shots of Comptroller Strayhorn and Barnes and types out "Watch your television to learn what Democrat Ben Barnes and Carole Strayhorn have in common . . . coming in 2006." Then it ends with a grainy shot of Comptroller Strayhorn. Slow, dirge music is played in the background. Cello-sounding deep strings.

The last shot of Strayhorn is a little creepy to me when juxtaposed with the music, and not in a negative-to-Strayhorn kind of way.

They Perry campaign sure does love its multimedia.

Posted by Evan @ 12/13/05 05:19 PM


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