Four county DFW #txsen results

If you haven't seen the Texas Tribune's map of how Texas voted in the #txsen primary, it's a great way to visualize the data. Incidentally, I'd argue that a map of election day vote will have the highest prediction value for the runoff. It'd even be interesting to which counties swung the most to Cruz between the early voting period and election day.

Let's look at results from runoff battleground DFW. Cruz led the region, followed fairly closely by Dewhurst. In 3rd place in all the big DFW counties was Leppert -- a bad harbinger for another statewide office, and perhaps not even a good sign for another more regional office.

Dallas County
Dewhurst 24,801
Cruz 23,368
Leppert 23,201

Leppert didn't even get 2nd place in his own county where people saw him in action as mayor. That doesn't hold well for any future run.

Tarrant County (Fort Worth)
Cruz 30,499
Dewhurst 29,151
Leppert 21,814

Leppert got the endorsement of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. It didn't matter much. Still in 3rd place.

Collin (Dallas suburbs/Plano)
Cruz 16,578
Dewhurst 14,331
Leppert 12,640

Collin County would be almost as much home territory as Dallas or Leppert. He still got 3rd.

Denton (DFW suburbs on FW side)

Cruz 12,464
Dewhurst 11,271
Leppert 9,575

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