Dewhurst "booed lustily" at Republican state convention

Last night in conversation someone mentioned the Republican state convention. Wait...didn't David Dewhurst get booed at the convention a few years ago?

Yes, Dewhurst did get booed in 2008.

Dewhurst was booed lustily later in the speech when he proposed putting Texans' fingerprints on drivers' licenses. It was the first time in at least eight years that an elected Republican was booed so loudly at a state convention.

It's interesting that Dewhurst proposed putting fingerprints on IDs to the state convention. Did he think he was going to get a good reception with that?

Interestingly, Ross Ramsey from Texas Weekly/Texas Tribune captured the same boos, but noted that Dewhurst got cheered for denouncing one of Rick Perry's signature proposals.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst brought out the boo-birds with a line about Real ID and Texas Driver Licenses with fingerprints on them (and got a standing O with a line blasting the aforementioned TTC).

Posted by Evan @ 06/05/12 04:00 PM


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