Joe Barton also looks unlikely, Mike McCaul considering

As I predicted, Joe Barton doesn't look likely to run for Senate, según La Loma:

"I'm looking at the race, but I've got to talk to David Dewhurst and I've got to talk it over with my family," Barton told The Ballot Box, adding that he and Dewhurst are "very good friends."

That Dewhurst will run for retiring Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's (R-Texas) seat is just about a certainty, according to Texas Republicans.

"I recruited him into the Republican Party way back when and we're still very good friends, so I would want to visit with him and talk about it before making a decision," said Barton.

I had never heard that italicized part, but I definitely don't think Barton did Dewhurst any favors by mentioning it now.

Meanwhile, also according to the Hill, Mike McCaul didn't rule out a Senate bid.

Posted by Evan @ 01/21/11 11:29 PM


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