Matt Angle speculates on redistricting

Matt Angle, the de facto head of the Texas Democrats (or as some like to put it, the head coach), did a Q&A on redistricting with Hotline On Call:

The Hotline: How do you think Republicans will go about drawing the map? Where will they put the districts?

Matt Angle: I think their starting place will be to try to hold their districts. And they'll do that by keeping the minority percentage the same, but putting in high-voting Anglo-Republicans. High turnout Republicans. What they did this time is they won because you had high turnout among Anglos who vote straight-ticket Republican.

And then they will draw a new Hispanic district in Dallas County and just say that that's a new Hispanic district. Because you can draw it there and not hurt any incumbent. Then they'll draw some kind of Hispanic district, or at least I'll call it a "Hispanic district" from Austin, South. But rather than leave the rest of Travis County for Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D), they'll break up Travis County into three or four pieces.

So Doggett will face a tough race. Either they'll get rid of him by putting him a Republican district or they'll make him run in a Hispanic district. Doggett's been elected in a Hispanic district before; maybe he can do it again. But it keeps Democrats from netting up seats. So then, in effect, what they will have done is created three new Republican districts.

Angle also said:

The real feud between DeLay and Martin wasn't about anything other than DeLay didn't like the fact that so many Democrats held marginal districts in Texas.

Martin Frost's 1991 gerrymander was quite successful. If Democrats had been successful in blocking redisticting in the last decade, the 2008 congressional delegation probably would have been 18 Democrats and 14 Republicans in a state that hasn't elected a single Democrat statewide in 15 years.

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