Matt Angle, head coach of Texas Democrats

Ross Ramsey writes a column for the TT/NYT on Republican dominance of Texas. Solid enough piece, given the audience. However, I confess to being confused by this:

And what are the Democrats doing in response to their epic failures at the state and local level? Nothing.

There's no equivalent to a head coach. Usually thats the highest-ranking elected official from the party, but the Democrats dont have one.

Power in the Texas Democratic Party is fairly concentrated in Matt Angle's hands. He controls the money, he recruits candidates, he endorses candidates, and most of the recent strategic plans for Texas Democrats have been his.

Democrats I've talked to think that Matt Angle is the head coach. I think the only reason they don't say so more often publically is precisely because of his position. Getting the head coach mad at you might reduce your playing time.

Posted by Evan @ 12/13/10 03:17 PM


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** Solid enough piece, given the audience. **

Except for the embarrassing correction they had to append:

** Correction: December 12, 2010

An earlier version of this article incorrectly reported that Ann Richards beat George Bush in 1990. She actually beat Clayton Williams that year. The article also incorrectly left the impression that Earl Weaver, the former Baltimore Orioles manager, is dead. **

Good gawd, the Tribune needs stronger editing.

Posted by kevin @ 12/13/10 09:59 PM

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