Cornyn talks 2012 Senate map

Senator Cornyn talked to RollCall:

In a 30-minute interview with Roll Call Thursday, the Texas Republican declined to predict the outcome of elections 23 months away. But he made clear only one result is acceptable heading into a cycle that has a favorable map for the GOP.

Cornyn said it would be a "disappointment" if Senate Republicans are still in the minority in 2013. "I think we've got very good opportunities for pickups in '12, and another reason I decided to stay on was I think we have an opportunity to turn the corner and get in the majority," he said.

I remember Cornyn admitting early last cycle that it was impossible for the GOP to capture a majority in 2010. Not only was that shown to be incorrect, but it's not the sort of thing that campaign committee chairs normally says.

In the same vein, it's a little unusual for the chairman to predict a majority. He's set the bar by which he will be judged, when the macro political conditions are what will largely determine whether the GOP takes the Senate.


Cornyn's top five takeover targets are Democratic-held seats in Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio and Virginia.
What about Montana, which is a state McCain actually won, unlike Ohio and Virginia. Florida and Wisconsin, as well as Michigan, should also be pretty high on the radar.

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