Ted Cruz to challenge KBH?

National Review's John J. Miller writes about something that I hear people talk about, but I don't think I have seen in print until this point: former solicitor general and AG candidate Ted Cruz running for Senate in 2012:

Right now, Cruz isn't a declared candidate. Neither is Hutchison: She's not saying whether she plans to pursue reelection. For Cruz, it may not matter. He appears to be getting ready for a campaign, whether it's against her or for an open seat.

No matter what Hutchison does, there may be a logjam of primary candidates -- not just Cruz and Williams, but also railroad commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones, former secretary of state Roger Williams, and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who will probably be the most significant contender if he runs. Dewhurst has the ability to self-fund and the support of Austin's political establishment; the conventional wisdom will hold that the race is his to lose. But conservatives will harbor doubts because they don't consider Dewhurst one of their own.

I think Cruz would probably have a better chance of emerging out of a crowded pack than most of the names in that last paragraph. He doesn't have much name identification, but neither do any of them, with the exception of Dewhurst.

And even Dewhurst isn't well known for a specific cause or issue, nor as Miller relates, has he ever really sealed the deal with much of the activist base. That may explain why he hesitated in running when Phil Gramm surprised us with his retirement announcement, and John Cornyn boldly announced and locked up support.

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