12/29 Roundup, aka Clearing out my Diigo feed

* South Steps posts Bill White's Christmas Season's Greeting card. How many Sunday School teachers send out Christmas cards without the word Christmas on them?

* Harvard economist Ed Glaeser argues that land use overregulation (strict zoning) explains the Sun Belt's population growth:

In a sense, the anti-regulation crowd is right that the laissez-faire attitude of the South and West explains their recent growth. But the usual argument focuses on the wrong regulations.

Housing regulations, more than those that bind standard businesses, explain the Sun Beltís population growth.

* Joe Holley at the Chronicle wrote defeated Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia a favorable article. There's also this:

Although some longtime political observers say she lost touch with portions of her diverse district and others say she grew complacent, Garcia insists she was swept out of office in a GOP tidal wave too powerful to withstand.
Obviously the two are not mutually exclusive. The former happened, which made the latter possible. She has $1 million dollars left in her campaign account, and her opponent spent only $20k. By definition, Sylvia Garcia got complacent.

Still, you'd have to think she'd have a chance against Gene Green (or in a new district) with redistricting likely to change the congressional map around, and now she's got nothing to lose.

* This part of a sad article made me laugh:

The Lincoln-Way East High School graduate used his connections as president of the College Republicans at Illinois Wesleyan University to become an active volunteer on the re-election campaign of veteran U.S. Rep. Jerry Weller.
You don't need to use connections to volunteer for political campaigns. Just show up. 98% of political campaigns will use your time completely inefficiently and often completely ineffectively as well, but it's not like they are going to tell you to go away.

* "Quick, without looking it up, rank the following NFL QBs in terms of their 2010 Adjusted Yards Per Passing Attempt through week 15:

A. Drew Brees
B. Peyton Manning
C. Colt McCoy
D. Matt Ryan
E. Sam Bradford"

Colt McCoy is #1, slightly edging out Peyton Manning.

* Stu Rothenberg nominates Bill White for his Most Overhyped Candidate of 2010, saying "I'll never believe Democratic statewide spin about Texas -- at least not until they finally win one."

If you read this blog, you shouldn't have fallen for the spin.

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