Chet Edwards: A lesson for cautious politicians

Chet Edwards was always a pretty cautious politician. He never voted with Democrats unless his vote would change the outcome, and was careful not to do anything that might link him to national Democrats. Until early 08, when there was lots of intra-party pressure to pick a side in the Hillary v Obama battle for superdelegates, including from Nancy Pelosi.

It looked risk-free. Hillary was the polarizing figure in Edwards' district back then, not Obama. He could make Pelosi happy, make liberals happy, and look like a moderate. Win-win all around, right?

It didn't turn out that way. Pelosi lobbying openly for Edwards to be Obama's vice president came back to haunt him. More than anything else, that was probably Edwards' ticket to defeat on Tuesday.

Final note: people who thought that the NRCC pulling its ad buy meant that Edwards was going to win the race were either spinning or not paying attention.

Posted by Evan @ 11/05/10 01:59 PM


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