Latest Flores v Edwards poll: 52-40.

In a poll done by former Clinton pollster Mark Penn's firm for The Hill, Republican Bill Flores leads Democrat Chet Edwards 52-40.

10/19-10/21 by Penn Schoen Berland
404 LVs, +/- 4.9% MoE
Flores 52
Edwards 40
Undecided 7

The numbers don't get any better for Edwards in the details. Chet Edwards Fav/Unfav rating is upside down at 45/49, but even worse among independents at 44/51. That's quite a contrast with Bill Flores whose 56/31 Fav/UnFav is about the same among independents at 54/32.

Obama has a 32/66 Job Approval/Disapproval and 25/73 among independents.

Further the numbers show that more Republicans say that A) they won't change their mind and B) that they will definitely vote. More than double the number of Democrats only say that they will "probably" vote -- this close to an election day, someone only saying that they will probably vote is not very likely to make it to the polls.

Posted by Evan @ 10/27/10 03:07 AM


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