A strange sentence

Joe Holley, Chron:

"The polls have been steady for three months or so," [SMU professor Cal] Jillson said, "which suggests that White has made his best case and 45 percent of Texas are impressed with it. But it takes 50 percent-plus-one."

Here are the last poll numbers for White: 43, 42, 36, 43, 42, 39, 42, 38, 40.6, 41, 41.

Those numbers suggest that about 40-41% of people are impressed with White's "best case." In no poll has Bill White hit 45% -- in that timeframe or in the history of the race -- even given that you would expect him to do so occasionally if his number has been above 40% throughout the period of time covered by those polls.

Posted by Evan @ 10/27/10 03:59 AM


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not to mention...it DOESN'T take 50% + 1 (see 2006)

can't the press find anyone more insightful to comment?

Posted by Kenny Powers @ 10/27/10 10:29 AM

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