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* Bill White was hunting votes in Texarkana.

* The Lt Gov was in Fort Worth:

Dewhurst told local business leaders Wednesday that he and other Republicans in Texas are working to make sure that the state has a good business climate.

Dewhurst predicted that efforts to balance the state budget, which has an expected shortfall of more than $20 billion, should be made a little easier by past financial practices such as building up a rainy day fund. "We'll have to tighten the belt some ... but it's not going to be as hard as some think," he said.

Dewhurst said it's time to look at individual programs and evaluate which ones work and cut back on those that don't. "Essential services we will maintain," he said.

He later suggested going out and buying stuff to help replenish the Texas' government coffers. I get that it's light-hearted, but I've never understood why the government -- moreso the federal than the state -- doesn't make it possible and easy to donate to the government.

* Jason Embry doesn't sound impressed by Bill White's debate performance either:

Everything you need to know about Democrat Bill White's campaign came at the 48-minute mark of Tuesday's gubernatorial debate.

A panelist asked Gov. Rick Perry's three challengers (Perry turned down his debate invitation) to name the Texas law they'd most like to repeal. "The death penalty," said Green Party nominee Deb Shafto. Libertarian Kathie Glass said the property tax.

White's response: "There's a whole bunch. But most unfunded mandates on our local school districts deprive them of control. I'll give you an example. I'd like to see the law repealed that didn't give local school districts flexibility in setting school calendars. Why should school calendars be dictated from Austin?"

* Christy Hoppe notes the Perry emails that he used in the primary.

If you click on the video, you'll see Perry standing before a screen of a billowing Texas flag. Then he starts out saying something rather startling: "Hi, your name". Yes, it's the governor. And he's personally urging you to vote early.

The technology is from Bizgreet. Here's their explanation of how it's done: "To do this, the Governor recorded almost 700 names, over 30 cities, and 3 different outros that changed based on the date. It might sound daunting, but it's really simple, quick, and the Governor was able to record all of these segments in just 45 minutes."

Ain't technology wonderful?

* Brad Watson snaps both candidates:

Republican Gov. Rick Perry and his Democratic opponent, former Houston Mayor Bill White, don't agree on much. But something they've both done successfully while in their respective offices is make money for themselves.

While White criticizes Perry for holding assets in a blind trust and Perry hammers White for not releasing all his tax returns, their respective deals show they broadly agree that profiting personally in office is good.

* Point taken:

Translators found the scripts were adequately written and well-delivered for non-Spanish speakers, however, each featured incorrect accent marks or other spelling errors in the on-screen titles.

"Anytime you have a typo it grabs a person's attention away from the most important point, and drives it toward the mistake, Pechnenko-Kopp said.

I believe it. I don't read the text, but I bet a native speaker does and gets distracted from the visuals.

* I hadn't seen this before, but this is just...strange. Democratic State Judge Jim Sharp is running for Supreme Court, but he doesn't seem to know when to keep his mouth shut giving his unsavory opinions about Democrats or Texans when talking to the Statesman.

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