Five good things about Bill White

Yesterday I promised to write 5 things that even Republicans can like about Bill White.

* Bill White tried to include Republicans in Houston City Council decisions

* Bill White has had success in multiple careers, from law to energy investor to politics.

* Bill White is really passionate about the oil and gas business

* Bill White is fairly honest as a politician, hasn't dissembled ideologically in circumstances where other politicians might

* Near and dear to my heart, Bill White made the excellent decision to send at least one kid to Rice

Posted by Evan @ 10/21/10 04:36 AM


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I'll add one more that speaks well to Bill White as a leader (even though I disagree with many of his individual positions/policies):

He instantly restored collegiality to Council after it had turned into an acrimonious zoo under Lee Brown.

Part of that goes to your first point, but I do think White genuinely wished to have collegial relations with all members of Council, and to involve all (Dems and Republicans) in important committee work. That's to his credit.

Posted by kevin @ 10/21/10 09:38 AM

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