Bill White "Mansion" and Rick Perry spanish ads

In my opinion, Bill White's ads have been the weakest part of his campaign. The spot contrasts $10k a month for the temporary governor's mansion with school spending. Not a terrible idea, but have we seen much indication that Texans are bothered by $10k a month to replace the Governor's Mansion? I think there are stronger issues.

Finally, Bill White's script in the commercial is: "When Texas has a governor who's more interested in his own house, his own future -- than our schoolhouses -- which are our future -- then you know he's been governor too long." That's fairly complicated on paper, and more complicated in the ad. Good communications often means simplifying.

I assume these were done by Manny Flores and LatinWorks, probably in conjunction with David Weeks. Pretty effective ads.

Not gonna lie, I heard "vamos por bwine camino," not "vamos por buen camino" the first time I watched the 2nd ad, and had to rewind it to get it right.

Posted by Evan @ 10/19/10 02:52 PM


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