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* In Harris County, it's the Republican areas who are showing up to early vote. Not a good sign for Bill White, if he's hoping turnout will propel him to the guv's mansion. h/t to Kevin Whited's Diigo.

* Karl Rove was feeling a little feisty when he talked to Der Spiegel. Whether purposely or not, Spiegel got pretty revealing responses.

* Chet Edwards Tx17 seat now only the 15th most likely to change hands in an election where 60 seats are likely to change hands...good news?

* Bob Perry donated $3.5 million to the RGA. Presumably some of that will find its way back to Texas, although it is hard to say for sure since I wouldn't be shocked if RGA Chair Haley Barbour had a good relationship with Bob Perry. Perry has given plenty outside Texas in the past, so I wouldn't be surprised if some/alot goes to other states. Hard to say.

* Peggy Fikac is funny.

White will appear along with Libertarian candidate Kathie Glass and Green Party candidate Deb Shafto. Watch the debate, which is being sponsored by media including the San Antonio Express-News/Houston Chronicle. And eat your vegetables.
Watching that debate sure would be like eating vegetables.

* SMU's Cal Jillson has made a number of pro-Democratic comments this cycle. Today:

Jillson said voters should not mistake Perry giving interviews with him actually debating White, however.

"He has, in fact, denied the voters of the state of Texas an opportunity to see him side by side with his principal opponent," Jillson noted. "This is the palest version of an actual debate."

Professors are entitled to their opinions, but shouldn't journalists try to filter out the partisan opinions when professor analysis?

UPDATE: Ed Schipul makes the case against red light cameras in Houston. I couldn't agree more. Red light cameras are about one thing only: money. They aren't about safety, as they arguably make the streets more dangerous.

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