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* The Senate GOP created an ad-hoc 'counsel' position so that Kay Bailey Hutchison -- a member of the GOP leadership before she decided to run for Senate -- is back on the leadership team.

* Meanwhile, KBH is promising to get funding for the DFW Trinity River project.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison promised Wednesday to secure federal funds for the Trinity River projects in Dallas and Fort Worth and to see the massive redevelopments through to completion.

"Nothing great ever happens easily. This is not easy," she said. "But it is so important to the development of our two cities that I'm not at all giving up."

Both Trinity projects rely heavily on earmarks, and Hutchison told business leaders from the Dallas Regional Chamber and the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce that she will use earmarks, among other methods, to ensure both projects receive the money they need.

Hypothetical: if Hutchison were to decide to run for re-election in 2012, would these help or hurt her get re-elected? KBH put $1.2 billion in earmarks into the 2010 federal budget. Keep in mind that she would get more of a test in the primary than in the general.

* Peggy Fikac profiles Debra Medina and gets her on record saying she plans to run for office again. Here's a prediction: she won't win.

* The AP headline, "Perry still courting right at Glenn Beck event."

* Finally, Senator Hutchison gave the response to Obama's radio address last week. If you are so inclined:

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