Prediction: Kinky Friedman won't be running again soon as a Democrat

Kinky Friedman thinks Democrats have lost their populism in opposing the Tea Parties:

Some in [Democrats] referred to them as "tea-baggers", a rather kinky slang term that titillated a few college students but otherwise accomplished very little. Then they began calling the Tea Party folks ignorant. (Recent polling shows the Tea Party to be better educated and more affluent than most Americans.) The Democrats did not hold their fire, however. It wasn't long before some of the misguided among them began attacking this windmill like a misanthropic, maniacal Don Quixote.

Finally, because the growing crowds of Tea Party people were mostly comprised of whites, they called them racist. They didn't call NASCAR or Jimmy Buffett racists, although their audiences are mainly white. Besides helping me campaign for governor of Texas as an Independent in 2006, the last time I checked, Jimmy was a good little Democrat. Calling the Tea Party racist is like saying that because there are no Orthodox Jews in the crowd at the Grand Ol' Opry, it must be anti-Semitic. The truth is that the Grand Ol' Opry crowd is probably more pro-Israel than the Obama administration.

Posted by Evan @ 04/21/10 06:22 PM


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