- Boone Pickens has filed suit against the Texas Water Development Board. AP:

Billionaire T. Boone Pickens wants a court to derail state approval of a water management plan that he claims would take $10 million off the value of his groundwater rights in the Texas Panhandle.

Pickens' attorney, Marty Jones, said Tuesday that the oilman filed a lawsuit against the Texas Water Development Board last month.

Leading the story with a loaded word doesn't seem like quality journalism to me, especially when the word isn't relevant to the story.

- Roger L Simon was on hand to hear Perry proclaim, "In Texas, we love our guns, religion and NASCAR!" Not exactly three things you'd associate with the novelist, but he is impressed with Perry.

- A Fort Worth area rancher named Billy Mitchell recently bought some anti-Perry newspaper ads for $2700 saying that the Governor is completely full of excrement, reports Bud Kennedy.

Mitchell's ad included the required disclosure "Political ad paid for by Billy Mitchell." He called the ethics commission to ask whether he needed to file more paperwork. They told him yes. They also told him he was eight days late.
"I said, 'What about my freedom of speech?'" Mitchell, 52, said Wednesday.
"They told me, 'You have to fill out our documents before you get your freedom of speech.'"

- Ross Perot on the Tea Party movement, from the AP:

"Time will tell how effective it is," Perot told reporters Tuesday in Kansas City, where he was receiving a leadership award from the Army's Command and General Staff College Foundation. "Just as a layman looking at it from afar, it seems to me they are pretty well-organized and getting the crowd."
While I read journalists talking about a potential 3rd party, I rarely see any sentiment from those that actually consider themselves Tea Partiers.

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