I'd rather be a Republican in Texas in 2010 than in 2006

Karl-Thomas Musselman at BOR kindly links to me in his Texas blog roundup (which is usually a good finger on the pulse):

A debate over the median Texas voter as it relates to Bill White's campaign strategy. It's right and wrong. Wrong in that Bill White doesn't have to worry much at all about his left flank in going after middle of the road voters- the left flank needs a win more than it needs a champion. Rick Perry vs the World is right in the sense that White may have not strayed much from Barack Obama- but he's wrong in saying that makes him a liberal. I mean, come one, Barack Obama is not a liberal champion so White's pretty in line with the middle of the road.
Karl-T and I agree that Bill White has not strayed much (if at all?) from Obama. So substantively, liberals should be quite happy with him. I'm not sure why Karl-T says I was wrong when I agree with him on that 100%.

As I read it, Karl-T is suggesting that Obama is middle of the road, so thus White should feel comfortable running with Obama as he has been doing? I don't think Texas voters would agree in any way that Barack Obama is middle of the road.

Perhaps that is why Bill White is running the campaign he is. As I said, the only time I've found him differing from Obama was to criticize Obama for not being liberal enough. I don't think that's a winning strategy in Texas in any year, but especially not in 2010.

Posted by Evan @ 04/07/10 10:07 PM


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