I don't think William McKenzie understands the median Texas voter very well

William McKenzie analyzes Rick Perry vs Bill White:

Will White be able to get enough of its more liberal members to give him cover so he can go out and try to win more moderate-to-right-leaning independents? If the independents were hard right, they would be in Perry's camp. But they aren't hard right, so they are up for grabs.

White can't win them, though, if he runs a campaign that appeals mostly to Democrats, especially the party's base. He needs freedom to wander off the reservation, if you will.

The only way he can do that is if the Garnet Colemans, Jim Dunmams and Leticia Van De Puttes give him room. As the party's more established liberals, those state legislators can deliver the message to fellow Democrats that White needs room to win over independents, especially those influential suburbanites who turn out at the polls in droves.

I thought about one-lining this with a snarky: so that is why Bill White is going around talking to reporters about how liberal he was growing up?

But in truth, I don't agree with McKenzie on this at all. He presents a false dichotomy that smart campaigns reject.

Apart from that, to this point in the race, where has Bill White substantively strayed from his party or from Barack Obama? Perhaps I've missed it, but the only time I remember him disagreeing publically with Barack Obama it was to criticize his cap and trade legislation for not being liberal enough. Does that sound like a winning formula for getting to 50%+1 in Texas? Is the Median Texas Voter going to vote for Barack Obama in 2010?

Finally, Mr. McKenzie, your rhetoric suggests that Republicans are "hard right." That's a loaded phrase, essentially used only to criticize Republicans. I did a quick search for any instances where you use the phrase "hard left." I couldn't find any. It's probably not a good idea to use language more often used by liberal bloggers than by thoughtful journalists, especially when Republicans and Republican-leaners are a majority of your potential customers.

Posted by Evan @ 04/06/10 06:15 PM


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I'm a Texan who KNOWS Obama isn't a liberal. Hah!

Posted by SocraticGadfly @ 04/08/10 01:52 AM

Please go tell all your friends that Bill White is as liberal as Barack Obama.

Posted by Rick Perry vs World @ 04/08/10 01:55 AM

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