Peggy Fikac does the state of KBH - Perry relations, one month after the primary.

Her office isn't making any promises: "I don't think we're even thinking about fall campaigning right now. Politics doesn't come into focus at this point at all. She's focused right now on doing her job in the Senate, because it is intense up there," said Hutchison spokeswoman Lisette Mondello.

Political scientist Jerry Polinard of the University of Texas-Pan American noted it would be the political norm for Hutchison to campaign for Perry:
"During the primary campaign, your opponent has three sixes behind their ear," he said. "But after it's over, it's time for a group hug." Polinard said Hutchison could help Perry appeal to her primary backers who'd be more inclined to sit out the general election than vote for Perry or White.

This is the standard line, and it is certainly not wrong. But it is more right in some contexts than in others. All things considered, I think KBH's 2010 primary campaign showed that she 1) did not inspire a significant core of ardent supporters, and 2) did not attract new voters to the process. Even so, Perry is clearly hoping for an event or two, and he should, because Hutchison brings a warm, fuzzy "Good Housekeeping" moderate seal of approval. Plus it keeps newspapers from writing constantly about the state of the relationship.

It would be great for the GOP if Hutchison campaigned for Perry, said political consultant Mark Sanders, but he added, "It's hard in this business to run against someone and then go stand with that person at a political rally or campaign fundraiser. Sometimes we forget it, but these people are human."

As I read this line, I remembered that a reporter at one of the big dailies had recently labelled Mark Sanders a GOP consultant, which is clearly non-factual. I checked, and it was in fact Peggy Fikac. So kudos to Fikac for changing her label.

With that said, quoting Sanders when talking about Perry is a perilous endeavour. Sanders once mostly did GOP campaigns, until he switched to the Democrats to run against Rick Perry. Then in 2006, he switched to independent Carole Strayhorn to run against...Rick Perry. He also did some unusual (to say the least) candidate recruitment once upon a time. Given all that, there are probably better sources for unbiased Rick Perry analysis than Mark Sanders. This is a pretty innocuous quote, however; not exactly a situation that called for insightful analysis.

Posted by Evan @ 04/05/10 12:14 AM


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** Given all that, there are probably better sources for unbiased Rick Perry analysis than Mark Sanders. **

Of course there are.

This is not unlike quoting Bob Stein, all the time, on every issue, even when he helped design a program he's commenting on!

It's lazy journalism, and happens too often in the state's Hearst newspapers.

Posted by kevin @ 04/05/10 09:41 AM

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