Unspinning the spin

Peggy Fikac does the obligatory pre-debate writeup for Thursday's showdown. It mostly recounts the 2006 debates. What caught my attention was:
GOP consultant Mark Sanders said the candidate to watch is Medina: "She is the wild card. If she performs well, she could throw the gubernatorial election into a runoff ... It'll take more than just the debate, but she could be the anti-Washington, anti-incumbent candidate that many voters are looking for."
The bolded part is inaccurate. Fikac should know better, given that Sanders has worked for an independent in 2006 and for a Democrat in 2002. How is he a GOP consultant? Should we term Mark MacKinnon and Matthew Dowd as Democratic consultants?

A few paragraphs later Fikac inserts this:

The [Carole Strayhorn] misstep wasn't a game-changer. And neither was Bell's performance, praised as a strong one. "After the debate, we had a rocket attached to us. We just ran out of time and money," Stanford recalled.
Stanford, of course, was Chris Bell's consultant. As such, he has a vested interested in having people believe that what he said is true.

At best, that's some hard spin. Chris Bell himself said two months before the election: "You could be a corpse and get 31 percent as the Democratic nominee just about any office."

Chris Bell got 29.8% of the vote. That's some rocket!

Posted by Evan @ 01/13/10 03:48 PM


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