Credit Union poll: Perry 49, KBH 27, Medina 19

The Texas Credit Union League has released a poll showing Perry nearing 50%.

Public Opinion Strategies' Glen Bolger (R) did the GOP part.
Hamilton Campaigns' David Beattie (D) did the Dem part.
2/3-2/6. 400 likely primary voters for each party, 800 overall.
MoE +/- 4.9% for each primary sample.

Perry 49 (27% strongly)
KBH 27 (13% strongly)
Medina 19 (12% strongly)

Perry 58
KBH 34

White 51
Shami 19
Alvarado 7
Aguado 4
16 Undecided

Right Direction/Wrong Track
65% Right direction
23% Wrong track

27% Right direction
57% Wrong track

Results show Republicans care more about their primary (no surprise, it's more high-profile) and that a plurality of each party plans to vote early.

Dem LG primary
Chavez-Thompson 25
Earle 18
Katz 8

Posted by Evan @ 02/10/10 05:39 PM


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