Money totals, 30 days out

The 30 days before the election campaign finance reports are out.

Rick Perry
$735k raised
$1.9M spent
$10.5M cash on hand

Kay Bailey Hutchison
$270k raised
$3.4M spent
$10M cash on hand

Debra Medina
$146k raised
$108k spent
$68k cash on hand

The Dem reports are not yet available online, so I'll have to trust Matt Stiles:

Bill White
$755k raised
$209k spent
$6.4M cash on hand

Farouk Shami
$3k raised
$1M spent
$1M cash on hand

A few quick thoughts:

1. Hutchison dropped in the polls while spending $3.4M against Perry's $1.9M. Ouch.

2. Shami spent $1M after spending $3M up to this point. If he is going to spend $10M as he's promises, that means we've got at least $6 million in Shami ads coming in the next month.

3. White was the slight winner for the fundraising period.

4. I see it occasionally remarked that the GOP winner is hurt by a primary, and I've already written on the topic. However, I think it's slightly more likely that Bill White sustains any damage by having to spend for a primary. I just can't ever see Perry or KBH lacking for funds. I can see Bill White lacking for funds -- possible, though not very likely -- because he has to prove he has a chance at winning, assuming he wins the primary.

Posted by Evan @ 02/02/10 08:01 PM


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The humorous bit is that you have a KBH add showing up in your google ads... ironic no?

Posted by Rorschach @ 02/03/10 05:01 PM

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