Campaign finance reports

All data from Texas Ethics Commission as of 1/17 for reports filed by January 15th, 2010 for the 6 month period ending December 30, 2009. Incumbents in italics. Figures rounded.

(UPDATE: Added Ted Cruz's numbers.)

Rick Perry (R)
$7.1M raised
$4.7M expenditure
Cash on hand $11.6M

Kay Bailey Hutchison (R)
$6.1M raised
$6.4M exp
$12.3M COH

Debra Medina (R)
191k raised
164k exp

Bill White (D)
6.2M raised
151k exp
COH 5.5M

Farouk Shami (D)
57k raised
loans $3M
exp $3.1M
COH 6k

Lt Gov
David Dewhurst (R)
$2.8M raised
$2.2M exp
$1.7M COH (+1.1M in loan as I understand it)

Earle (D)
2k raised
exp 6k
COH 28k

Marc Katz (D)
7k raised
exp 6k
COH 9k

Chavez-Thompson (D)
no report

Attorney General
Greg Abbott (R)
1.2M raised
456k exp
$10.2M COH

Ted Cruz (R - will run in case of Abbott switching to Senate race)
$256k raised
$283 exp
$986k COH

Radnofsky (D)
$331k raised
157 exp
COH 388

Land Commissioner
Jerry Patterson (R)
199k raised
108k exp
COH 655k

Uribe (D)
no report

Agriculture Commissioner
Todd Staples (R)
541k raised
123k exp
864k COH

Kinky Friedman (D)
140k raised
112 exp
53k COH

Hank Gilbert (D)
225k raised
82k exp
coh 113k

Railroad Commissioner
Victor Carrillo (R)
119k raised
53k exp
652 COH

David Porter (R)
no report

Jeffry Weems (D)
exp 59k
COH 37k

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