Grinding the workweek

* John Cornyn is going to vote against Bernanke. That's...not good. Given that Bernanke is going to be confirmed and that there's no way Obama would appoint someone better...that's just just irresponsible, Senator.

* Evan Smith interviews Michael Williams for Texas Monthly Talks.

* Peggy Fikac does the Farouk Shami bio.

* Perry gets the NRA nod, which isn't a surprise since they endorse friendly incumbents.

* Democratic candidate Hank Gilbert has a theft charge, incidences of which he's still paying off years later. Apparently he is now accusing rival Kinky Friedman of disseminating the charges, and getting in Friedman's face at campaign, I tell you what, I'm glad I'm not a Democrat, where this is the best my party can do. But demographic changes will soon usher out candidates like this anyway.

* KBH is in Amarillo today.

* I've always been surprised by the lack of metal detectors and such at the Texas Capitol. But I came to like it. Apparently Rick Perry has too.

* Apparently some of the folks getting paid through Perry's sign'em-up program have criminal records.

Posted by Evan @ 01/25/10 03:41 AM


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