Cada vez que sale sol, te despiertas tu

Somehow I missed until now former Texas Monthly writer Robert Draper's piece in the NYT . He mostly focuses on the Bushies' quiet support of Kay. That's maybe a topic for another post. What interests me enough to post right now is:

Hutchison told me unequivocally that her contest with Perry has national implications for the Republican Party. "If we don't see the losses in the House and Senate as meaning that we need to retool our party and our message and our governing strategy, then we're going to keep losing," she said as we flew from Dallas to Waco on a campaign-chartered plane.

Frankly, that sort of talk makes me downgrade Hutchison's chances of a comeback. That's generally not the sort of thing that successful candidates talk about. Not only is it germane-a-year-ago-but-not-now* and perhaps a bit self-important, but it distracts from the message.

*A wise professor once told me something like "never feel constricted by the rules of language when attempting to communicate." You Rice people probably know who I'm talking about.

Posted by Evan @ 12/29/09 03:58 PM


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