Energizer bunnies

Over a year and a half ago, I said, "Nick Lampson has a difficult decision to make: quixotic bid for re-election or quixotic bid to unseat Cornyn?"

He wasn't going to beat Cornyn (although perhaps quixotic was a soupcon too strong), but he'd have made it closer than Noriega, which would made Republicans spend money in Texas. As I said all along, including the day before the election, Lampson's bid against Olson was doomed the minute he started running. Quixotic was pretty much the right word.

I do have to quote myself though:

He spent $3.5 million in '06 in a race he couldn't have possibly lost [against a write-in candidate who was a weak candidate at that.]

But Nick Lampson is like Chris Bell. No matter how many times they lose, they'll keep running for something.

Posted by Evan @ 11/24/08 08:57 AM


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