Perry sits down with Congressional Dems

Todd Gillman in the Dallas News details how the Guv and Texas' Congressional Dems had a sit down.

An aide quipped that the comfortable chair reserved for the governor should have been labeled "hot seat," though Mr. Perry and the lawmakers agreed afterward that the meeting was cordial. It's time to work together, they said, to boost highway funding and address other issues of broad concern. They said the meeting helped build relations scarred by years of mistrust.

"I made commitments to be working with these folks to make for a better Texas," said Mr. Perry, who arrived for the 8 a.m. meeting with Ms. Johnson and received a warm greeting from the lawmakers waiting in Mr. Ortiz' office. Several exchanged hugs and backslaps with him.

"Here's how excited I was about it," the governor said afterward, striding out to a waiting SUV. "I told 'em, I said you get that transportation money up to where we're not a donor state anymore, I'm gonna become a Democrat again."

Now that's something that can get bipartisan support!

Of course, equitable transportation funding is probably something we should look to our senators for -- it's easier for them to hold a bill up by insisting that Texas be treated fairly.

Posted by Evan @ 01/19/07 04:41 PM


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