2010 begins

Well, okay, gubernatorial cycle 2010 has already begun. Kinda like how the 2008 presidential race began sometime in 2004.

Professors Carnahan and Taylor have some speculation over on their blog:

Michelle thinks that Lt. Governor David Dewhurst will win the '10 gubernatorial nomination quite easily, simply because of his connections and money. That, and she thinks that Dewhurst will convince State Senator Dan Patrick to run for Lt. Governor as part of some sort of grand unification theory. Nuh uh. Nope. I am neither convinced of that, nor inclined to agree with her assessment. I not only think that Patrick will run for Governor, I think that in a multi-candidate field (which I will bet at least the garbage, if not the rent, that it won't include U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison), he could potentially do to Dewhurst what he did to the Senate District 7 GOP Primary field in 2006.

Also worth noting:

... the likely prospect of a GOP loss of the White House in 2008 (I place the likelihood at 70% or higher) and a failure to recapture Congress (I place those odds at 50-50).

I may get a chance to post some thoughts when I'm not at work.

Posted by Evan @ 01/22/07 02:18 PM


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Dewhurst will run, but he'll also face current secretary of state and fellow rich guy Roger Williams in a battle of the titans...Williams has a long way to go but could well win the primary. If so, the D's retake the governor's mansion.

Posted by anonymous @ 01/22/07 10:55 PM

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