Two more data points

Rasmussen, 500 Likely voters; MoE 4.5%. (last month's numbers in parentheses)

Perry 33% (35%)
Strayhorn 22% (18%)
Bell 18% (18%)
Friedman 16% (18%)

Zogby's sketchy and questionable online poll:

Perry 30.7% (34.8%)
Bell 25.3% (23.1%)
Friedman 22.4% (22.7%)
Strayhorn 11.1% (9.6%).

Hutchison 47.8%
Radnofsky 39%

I'm supposed to believe that Hutchison only leads by 9%? It might not be a favorable environment right now, but there's no way I'm buying that. This "poll" must be undersampling Republicans.

I don't know when the Rasmussen poll was in the field. The TV ads started on Labor Day, so the Zogby poll wouldn't reflect any movement from the TV ads. I'm guessing the Rasmussen poll was more or less pre-Labor Day as well.

Posted by Evan @ 09/11/06 04:24 PM


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