Winner and losers: Houston municipal elections

Let's do losers first, since that's more fun.


Adrian Garcia -- Sheriff Selfie got just 17% of the vote in a race that he was expected him to win.

But that's not the worst part. The worst part is that now all the attacks on his record are out there, mostly put forth by Democrats. That's going to make a partisan run for office much, much harder.

Annise Parker -- She hasn't seemed very interested in being mayor for quite awhile now, particularly when it comes to making sure that core city services are functioning well.

The defeat of HER Ordinance was just as much about Houstonians telling Parker how much they disapproved as it was about whether a broke city should add another layer of bureaucracy to deal with complaints about who urinated where.

Sylvester Turner -- At times this race felt like a coronation. But despite finishing first to make the runoff, he didn't get any more votes than anyone thought he would. In fact, his vote totals have actually declined in each mayoral election.

Bill White -- His unendorsement endorsement of Adrian Garcia didn't swing any votes. All the fundraising help he gave Garcia was wasted.


Bill King -- As someone who spent a decade telling Houstonians how moderate he was and criticizing both parties, it wasn't really clear if King could even muster enough votes to make it to the runoff. He needed Republican votes to make it happen, and while it took awhile, he got there.

King looks like he is in a good position for the runoff.

Pastors hit with subpoenas -- They won by more than anyone expected, despite Bob McNair flip-flopping on them and only Ben Hall carrying their banner in the mayoral race.

Imagine if Ben Hall had been smart enough to hire someone other than John Weaver?

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