John Weaver got paid well to mismanage Ben Hall's campaign

When I read in early August that Ben Hall had hired John Weaver to run his campaign*, I knew Annise Parker would be re-elected as Houston's mayor. I said so on Twitter:

John Weaver has called himself a Republican. He's also called himself a Democrat. While he seems to be calling himself a Republican again now, he spends most of his time criticizing Republicans as if he were still a Democrat. Over the course of Weaver's career, there is no detectable ideological consistency. But the one constant is that John Weaver gets paid. If there is one thing John Weaver is good at, it is finding deep-pocketed candidates. In fact, I said that back in August:

I took a quick tour through the City of Houston's campaign finance reports this morning. Here are the payments from Hall to John Weaver or to John Weaver's consulting firm*:

7/2 3750
7/3 22470
7/31 10k
8/2 129,515
8/30 10k
9/20 100k
9/30 100k
10/1 10k
10/18 150k

That's a grand total of $535,735. Ben Hall received just 46,775 votes for under 28% of the vote. Hall paid about $11.50 per vote to John Weaver/Weaver's firm for a campaign that was terribly strategized and poorly executed.

To be fair, some of those big payments to Weaver's consulting firm were for media buys. We don't know how much Weaver's firm made on those ad buys. However media buyers often get about 5% of media buys. If Weaver made 5% on the ad buys, then he made $80,000 (and $1.71 per vote) from four months of running Ben Hall's campaign into the ground.

* Mark Sanders' firm was also involved in the race.
** Those were just the payments I found in a quick check of the reports. I wouldn't be surprised if I missed some payments, so the actual amount could be higher.

Posted by Evan @ 11/09/13 02:01 PM


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