The earliest post-election spin I've ever heard

Clay Robison prints Mark White spinning why Obama and Hillary lost, before the Democrats have even settled on a nominee.

White, the former governor, said Democrats in recent years have "gone out of their way" to lose elections, and he fears they are following that path now.

He said Clinton and Obama are both "talented beyond belief, but I'm worried about their electability."

America may be ready for a female president, but nominating Clinton, with her history (fair or not) of political controversy, will give Republicans the opportunity to activate their "built-in hatred line," White said.

And, he predicted, Republicans will let their dirty tricksters unleash racial attacks against Obama if he becomes the first black presidential nominee, much as they did against Harold Ford, a black Democrat who lost a highly watched U.S. Senate race in Tennessee in 2006.

White and Robison clearly subscribe to the "if Democrats lost, then it must've been Republican dirty tricks" school of excuses. If you've read Robison -- chief of the Chronicle's Austin bureau as well -- and his column, you won't be terribly surprised.

It couldn't be that an Obama loss is because he'd be the most liberal nominee since McGovern (though he's campaigned honorably and impressively) and lacks experience on the world stage. It couldn't be that Hillary might lose because she was a stridely liberal voice in the 1990s turned calculating politican who will do anything to put the Clinton dynasty back in the White House. [Side note: perhaps the Kennedy dynasty doesn't like the idea of being supplanted by the Clinton dynasty?]

I've never quite understood why both sides like to claim that the other fights dirtier. On the presidential level, the American people do a pretty good job of filtering information and picking presidents.

Posted by Evan @ 02/05/08 12:11 AM


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It's even worse because the Republicans don't need "dirty tricksters" to manufacture anything -- they could just use words from the Clinton campaign if they wanted to go that route.

Posted by kevin @ 02/05/08 09:58 AM

It's all just talking points anyway, and the other side only votes the way they do out of blind allegience to the party.

(did I miss anything?)

Posted by Cory @ 02/05/08 12:21 PM

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