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One of the amusing things of this campaign has been to watch some of the movement conservative establishment shill relentlessly for a guy who has claimed a very recent conversion on almost every issue they care about. To wit, Rich Lowry:

McCain has the advantage of, as a couple of people have noted, having some de facto wingmen in this race. First, there's Fred, whose lackluster showing in South Carolina was just enough to help McCain win there. As Ryan Sager writes, "Fred Thompson surely has a claim on the vice presidential nod should McCain go all the way, given the votes he took from Mike Huckabee on the Arizona senator's behalf." Then, there's Huckabee in Florida. As Martin and Ruffini point out, he's a great asset to McCain, drawing votes from Romney. Not only that, Huckabee has verged into man-crush territory with McCain and can be counted on to call any attack on him unfortunate and unfair.

Wait, wait. Fred Thompson, who has spoken repeatedly and at length about how he doesn't lust for the presidency, is lusting for the vice presidency? And what would Thompson bring to a McCain ticket? No homestate electoral college considerations, no balancing. At most, McCain might decide to make Thompson his pick for VP because Thompson has been candidly telling the truth, moreso than even McCain has.

What Lowry misses is that if there's one thing that Republican candidates agree on, it is that -- no, it's not policy -- they all detest Mitt Romney. Perhaps because he's attacked them all disingenously. And it makes it awfully hard for Romney to be the nominee in an elongated, splintered race.

Posted by Evan @ 01/21/08 06:13 PM


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